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Elaine Frazer Hypnotherapy

Empower your Mind Harness your Potential

Anxiety & Phobias

Anxiety is something that we all experience at different times and within different situations in our lives. For a great deal of the time this is manageable and short lived.

Sometimes anxiety becomes a problem when it affects our sleep, makes us feel irritable, unable to concentrate and for some can lead to intense feelings of panic.

If you suffer with anxiety symptoms you will be very aware how uncomfortable and potentially debilitating it can be.

There are many ways to treat anxiety using hypnosis. Hypnotherapy itself produces a very relaxed state which can be self taught for you to to use in many situations.

I can help you to understand possible causes of anxiety if unknown and to then regain control.

If specific situations or experiences produce anxiety these can be addressed and treatment plans using hypnosis and NLP techniques can be used to significantly lower anxiety symptoms

A phobia can be described as an unreasonable fear of an object or specific situation, resulting in total avoidance of that situation at its most extreme.

Fears and phobias can arise for many reasons, sometimes following a difficult experience or encounter with the now feared situation or object. For example, following a particularly turbulent flight.

Sometimes they can occur following a traumatic event or are learned from others.

Whatever the underlying cause, you will be very aware if you live with a fear or phobia how difficult life can be. You will most likely know that your fear is irrational yet this does nothing to stop it.

Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind where often these difficulties arise. You can regain control of your emotions in hypnosis and learn effective coping methods to totally overcome your fears.

I will work with you at your pace to enable you to overcome your fears in a way that feels totally safe and comfortable for you.