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Elaine Frazer Hypnotherapy

Empower your Mind Harness your Potential

Achieving Your Goals, Improving Sports Performance and Achieving High

  • Enhance Sports Performance for peak races / competitions
  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Mentally prepare for interviews
  • Manage to deal with day to day stress effectively


You already know that you work extremely hard preparing your body for any sporting game, race or maneuver. Carefully balancing physical training with nutrition and rest.

All of which is essential to reach your goal.

However, you can give yourself the extra edge by using hypnotherapy to focus your mind on your sport.You can use hypnosis to channel positive thinking and to believe in your self and your abilities.

You may want to overcome those nerves that strike before an important game or race. I will work with you to meet your own individual sporting goals. This will enable you to be totally mentally prepared.

Stress Management

Many of us experience stress at some stage in our lives. This can arise from our relationships, work, health worries, bereavement and any change in circumstances. 

Some stress can be beneficial and motivate us to perform well, however stress becomes a problem when you feel unable to cope.

Stress can affect your physical health and mental health causing a range of problems including headaches, pain, poor sleep, mood changes, negative thinking, lack of concentration and interest.

I can work with you to assist you to manage your stress effectively. Hypnotherapy can help you to change your reaction to stress, and increase your ability to cope.

I will teach you how to use self hypnosis to be able to manage your stress independently following your sessions.