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Elaine Frazer Hypnotherapy

Empower your Mind Harness your Potential

Customer Testimonials

Elaine not only cured my phobia, she enabled me to manage it myself as well as learning really useful relaxation techniques. Elaine's therapy room is comfortable and tranquil and I felt in safe hands as she helped me work through my fears and change my reaction to my phobia's of hospitals, injuries, medical procedures and anything linked to them. I used to panic about fainting, but not anymore!!! I now feel confident to manage situations. Thanks Elaine!! 

Jo Oates, Counsellor, NHS and private practice.

Flying - Elaine made me believe in myself and that I could fly and be safe and enjoy family time together, up to having children we had several holidays a year!, soon after having my first nearly 18 years ago I began to fear flying and many times declined family holidays away in the sun, when I did have to get on a plane I would be physically sick and cry all the way to the destination, 2 years ago I met up with Elaine and 1 week later I was flying and in control myself, I do not love flying but I put to use the techniques Elaine taught me and go into my own world and lose the fear. I have top up sessions just for my own peace of mind. Elaine makes you feel at ease, relaxed and tranquil. Thanks Elaine, I can now enjoy holidays again. x

M. Greenfield

I have visited Elaine a number of times and am always 100% happy with the service she provides. Her lovely home is in a beautiful setting and is very welcoming. I have seen her for various issues I have had with fears, confidence and money blocks. Elaine listens and tailor makes every session to suit your needs. She even gives you techniques to use at home. Top class service and I would always highly recommend her.

Natalie Guy

After a previous attempt at this due to an anxiety issue I was slightly apprehensive when I was searching for a hypnotherapist in my local area to cure the fear of flying. Elaine's name clearly stuck out in my mind as she dealt with the fear of flying along with any other stress and anxiety issues, not too far away and reasonably priced. Elaine's beautiful home and hypnotherapy studio made me feel at ease away from any outside distractions, alongside a cheeky brew gets you in the mood to relax and continue.

My issues grew when flying back from Palma back in 2013 when I first had the fear of flying after a week away, I was so ill that when I returned to the UK it took me a couple of days rest, this then led me to further panic and anxiety attacks ever since.

After three sessions I boarded a plane to Dublin and returned the same day! Three years of my life and cracked it in one day!

The journey to the airport at 5 am wasn't the best as I felt as sick as a dog, but once I stepped into the airport and into security a sense of relief came over me and I was able to control that throughout the flight with my new techniques acquired by Elaine during the sessions.

I am really confident with Elaine and will be returning in the following year to help reduce my daily anxiety.


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